I'm Keri and I am the creator of Thrifty Country Mom's Tricks and Tips. I created this blog because I get so many questions about the deals I get and the money I save, I figured if I share this information, my readers too can save the very same way.

I am engaged to a wonderful man and together we have a gorgeous country home on an acreage outside of a little village in rural Manitoba, a beautiful baby boy and as you can see, a crazy little pup named Lacey.

I am also a Social Worker by day and a mommy, wife-to-be, housecleaner, professional shopper (and as we women know, the list goes one) by night. Currently on maternity leave, money is a little tighter and has to go a longer way. Not to fret because I always find a way! I am very thrifty and love saving money by using coupons, shopping sales and looking for bargains wherever I go. Most people think my mind works in mysterious ways when it comes to "bargain-hunting" (which is half true) however part of that is a fable. Anyone can learn to train their minds to think in "savings mode" and I am hoping that by what I share in this blog,  you too can learn some tricks and tips to start your frugal journey.

As a mommy too, I realize how busy life can be and how hard it is to balance getting time to myself along with planning suppers, keeping the house and deciding which products will best suit our family's needs. Therefore I have added a few extra sections such as "mommy talk" and "food for thought" where I'll share reviews by myself as well as links to other bloggers articles you may find of interest, recipes and anything else interesting I find myself coming across.                    
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can tweet with me @Keridanielle87 or email me at keridavignon@gmail.com